Photo Session

How do I arrange a photographic session with Anon-Nude?

Simply call us or email us at to start with.  If you have specific ideas in mind, you may also wish to send us a link to some images or include some in your email.

Discuss the date with your significant other - we like you to have your partner with you, especially if you are inexperienced with nude shoots, but we can always work out a good time for you alone or together.

Be honest. Tell us what you would like to achieve from the photographic shoot. If you would like some images for yourself, for your partner, for your home, for your brag book, for a modeling folio, for an opportunity to be a part of an art book or an art exhibition, let us know.

If you want a series of photographs with your partner, or always wanted to just feel brave and alive, or wanted to catch your figure before gravity won the inevitable battle - tell us.

If you are thinking about getting your first tattoo, let us photograph you beforehand - if you are ready to tell the world you will not be stopped - we want to hear.

In this digital age, anyone can shoot explicit images, but few rarely care about capturing a moment, a breath, a thought, your vulnerability, your innocence, your power.

It's not just the ability to pose someone - you'll understand that in minutes if you don't already - it's about mastering lighting to match the mood, create an atmosphere, working with you to create your image of you, not someone else's image of you.


How can I be best prepared for the photo session?

If you are coming to the studio, a little preparation the night before helps enormously. Clean hair makes a world of difference, and shaving anywhere that needs to be shaved, gives enough time for annoying rashes to disappear. Tan lines are very annoying, but please; no need for a tanning salon. Just bring some foundation and powder. Talcum powder will do if you don't have makeup powder. Just call us with any questions.

Pack a bag with accessories that might include hats or scarves, hair items including a brush, pins, combs, bands, a robe, sandals, body lotions, moisturizers, oils, tissues etc... and any other items you may want as props in some of the photographs.

Call us as you are about to leave home for the photo shoot, and if your partner isn't with you, call your partner when you arrive, during the first hour of the shoot and as soon as you are on the road to go home or to your next appointment. Everyone needs to feel included and secure at all times, and it's the little things that help.

Remember to arrive with no makeup on (bring it of course), and be aware of elastic or tight clothing marks before the photo session as pressure marks can take hours to disappear. Real jewelry is best left at home, but prop jewelry should be brought with you, but not worn.

Outdoor locations require a little more preparation. A large water bottle or two, a few older towels (in case you get mud on you and need to rinse off), bug spray, hair spray, especially if windy, walking shoes to protect on rough surfaces, and it should all be in a waterproof bag.


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