Frequently Answered Questions


Interested in appearing on these pages?

If you are over 18 years of age and feel that you have the ability to pose for images in this style, a photographic session can be arranged at very little cost. This can be in your home, at your workplace or on location.

* Organizing a photographic session



What does it cost?

In your home, or in our home studio the fee is $250 for a 1/2 day shoot, increasing to $375 for a full day. If you choose to stay overnight to be able to work in early and late light, an extra $75 is charged. If we travel to you, reasonable travel charges apply. Naturally your partner is always welcome.


What do I get?

On the day of the shoot, you will receive a CD of all the images created.

Within a week of you choosing your favorites, you will receive a dozen final edited images. (Extras are available at $25 each)


Interested in being a part of an Art Gallery Exhibition?

Selected participants may be offered an opportunity to have their work exhibited in Art Galleries around the world. You can decline, or decline in a particular city. Limited Edition Print Sales through exhibition will allow the participant to receive #2 of the Limited Edition Series.


Who will see my images?

You decide. The normal for models, artists and the like is that the more people that see them, the better. Usually we both are able to use any images for publicity and promotion, and always give credit to the other party. 
 Of course if your images are displayed at an Art Gallery, you must expect that anyone in that city can see them.


Can I get prints?

Yes you can, and they can be available to only you, or they can be made available to the public. You decide.

You can open availability later, but you cannot practically stop availability after it has been granted.


Interested in some private images in this style?

Individuals (M or F) or legitimate couples are able to be photographed in these styles. They can elect to have their images entirely private, or participants can request their images  to be made available online. Others have been invited to have images on display in Art Galleries.
Images of love and beauty can be an amazing expression of intimacy.



Private Images are just that

Individuals and couples are often interested in discreet images for their own home. These images will never be seen by anyone else without your express permission.

The actual image content is entirely up to the individuals concerned and any prints are created by the photographer alone.


Do I have to be fully nude?

We recommend it, but you are in charge. Commonly, lingerie is more provocative than nudity.  Some people feel that they might be better to start with clothes and remove them during the shoot based on their comfort level. This turns an Art Shoot to a striptease show, and is not recommended.


Interested in Classical Art Nude Modeling?

People that are interested in Classical Art Nude Modeling can apply to have images created that can be used by them as part of their folio of work, as well as potential appearance on this site.
Guidance is given to receive more modeling work, as well as posing guidelines during the shoot.


What is expected of me?

That you approach the concept maturely, that you accept your own nudity as a thing of beauty, that you have the support of your partner or escort and that you have a desire to explore your own artistic expression.


Can I try this anonymously?

Yes! Many first time nude subjects are outgoing but concerned about what others may say. A great way to test your courage and trial the concept is to be photographed with some obscurity. It may be hair across, a hat or created with shadows etc...

See examples here.

"Nudity is expected, Shyness is pointless, Pornography is for partners"

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Many people have no inhibitions when they are anonymous,
so please understand a wide variety of imagery maybe found on this site
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