Dedicated to those with the courage to find themselves and explore their own beauty in art.


Specializing in creating images of intimacy & love, by depicting couples & individuals as empowered, caring & joyful. These are images that are designed to be looked back on over the years & enjoyed more & more as the years take a toll.

Take a moment to view the personal moments of some of the people that we have worked with - images that they will be proud of, forever.

With their permission, some of these images have been exhibited as art pieces in galleries & for greeting cards & coffee table books.

Many are for their own album & to grace the walls of their home. Most are not shown here...

Whether to capture their youthfulness, as a gift for a partner, or to fulfill a personal ambition, these people have given me their trust - so be critical of the artist, but give the greatest respect to the people represented here.

Some will go on to model professionally, some have modeled before, some are happy to have explored this far, but all serve as a role model for each of us.

All participants are over 18 at the time of shooting and all are encouraged to bring a partner or friend with them.

If you are interested in this style of photography, feel free to contact us via the form on the left of this page.


To date, I have been asked to photograph people in 40 US states, 25 European countries & 5 Asian countries as well as throughout Australia and New Zealand.


While we travel extensively, we can't be everywhere. If you are able to supply accommodation and travel, we can be 'there' faster.


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Many people have no inhibitions when they are anonymous,
so please understand a wide variety of imagery maybe found on this site
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